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JAVIER YBARRA, 59, Iím a developer for WebMD but also enjoy my hobbies of video and photography. It was first introduced to me as a ministry at my church, Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas and it has become my passion. Itís just a great way to capture special moments in our lives and to make those moments last forever.
my ministry
God has given me this creative gift and I hope to take full advantage to make an impact in the lives that cross my path.

Every year I look forward to FC Kids Camp, itís a great opportunity to minister to parents. Itís my opportunity to be creative and at the same time provide a means for parents to get daily updates from the camp grounds. Itís exciting to hear the feedback from parents each day.

my family
What can I sayÖItís what I live for! I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and two great looking kids, even if I do say so myself. My mother, who I miss dearly, always taught me that family comes first she always instilled great character values in me. Iíve been fortunate to be surrounded by great people throughout the years!
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